"Promoting the Application of Value Methodologies in Canada."

Value Analysis.

Value Analysis is a project management best practice decision making tool to find alternative solutions to problems and achieve best value for money in projects, processes, systems and products.

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What is VA Canada?

VA Canada (formerly CSVA) is a non profit society that is helping Canadians stay competitive by improving value in their projects, processes and products through the application of the value methodologies.

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AECOM is hiring a Value Engineering Specialist in Canada
  AECOM is actively seeking a creative, highly talented ...

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Value Engineering class of 2022, McGill University, best presentation award.
In 2021, there was no project presentation for ...

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Value Voices webinar series - January 25, 2022
From organizational restructuring to product optimization, Function Analysis ...

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Realize the benefit that value management brings to diversity! Canada thrives on diversity but how do you engage people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences in achieving beneficial outcomes? How do you build reliable teams and get the benefit of a diverse group of people working together on a problem, process, ...
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September 20, 2022 16h00 (PST), 17h00 (MST), 19h00 (EST), 20h00 (AST) Registration: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/405765755297 Abstract Creativity is one of the key phases of the Value Methodology Job Plan. To improve a project or product, numerous ideas are needed. These ideas – which can be thought of ...
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