Getting Big Things Done through Value Management

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Getting Big Things Done through Value Management
30 Years of Value! (1993-2023)
2023 Virtual Value Symposium
October 3,4,5

Join us virtually for half day sessions on Tuesday Oct 3, Wednesday Oct 4 and Thursday Oct 5 for value management success stories in getting big things done through value management. Learn how Value Management /Value Analysis/ Value Engineering can help your teams deliver big projects. 

Why Attend ?

Getting big things done through value management will show how value management can reliably help with challenges in just about anything. VM is a proven project management best practice and a powerful decision-making tool to support diverse teams in agreeing upon project needs and identifying alternative solutions to problems in projects, processes, systems and products. Value Management reliably brings a team with different backgrounds and perspectives together in solving problems.  A VM workshop follows a series of steps that encourages everyone to be open to new solutions and ideas in a collaborative fashion.

Who Should Attend?

Program and project managers, portfolio managers, asset managers,  decision makers, innovators, service delivery organizations, product developers, change agents and others encounter many challenges. Learn how Value Management helps around the world to improve outcomes in projects, processes, services, products, and organizations.