VA and other Methodologies

Other Methodologies

Value methodologies can be used and are compatible with many other methodologies. First, they can be integrated into the product development and project management processes along with Risk Assessment, Choosing by Advantages, Triz, Quality Function Deployment and Lean methodologies that have their respective niches. Value analysis can ensure that the right products or projects go forward. Value engineering can ensure the product or project is done right. Value management can help ensure entire programs are rolled out according to plan.

Second, when used in conjunction with these other methodologies, the value methodologies lead to a significant increase in product

Third, value methodologies can incorporate other methodologies to help create better

For optimum success, the value methodologies must be adapted to the organization's culture and must continue to evolve as the requirements develop. Their continued effectiveness over time depends upon the accountability of the process owner, the buy-in of the process users and support from management.