VA Canada Privacy Policy

  • The policy goal is to secure in confidence the personal information of the members and suppliers of the Society collected by the Society. The Society complies with Canadian laws and regulations.
  • The personal information collected from members and suppliers are the names, address, telephone and fax numbers, email address, professional status, and nothing more.
  • Personal information is preserved within individual registration forms and in global electronic and paper lists of members and suppliers.
  • Updating of personal information of members and suppliers is conducted by a designated staff or member at the secretariat for the registration and updating of personal information in a secured manner.
  • The personal information is not public. The registration documents are used only for internal operations of the Society: The members and suppliers lists are accessible only to the board of directors and qualified members on special request.
  • Cookies are used by the website to collect only enough information to ensure a great experience on the website. Specifically, cookies are used to store language selection and login status.