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Presentation Phase

What is the Presentation Phase?


The Presentation Phase is the team's opportunity to present the proposals they have generated, and that they believe represent better value than the originally proposed solution. The Presentation Phase is also an opportunity for decision makers to question the team and assess the depth of analysis that has taken place.

Why is the Presentation Phase important?

The presentation of credible recommendations that improve value substantially increases the likelihood of a proposal being implemented. Confidence in the value team and their recommendations flows from a carefully structured presentation.

Preferably, the entire study team attends the presentation to demonstrate confidence in their recommendations. Questions raised by decision makers and stakeholders highlight the depth of analysis. This further increases confidence in the team and the likelihood that proposals will be approved.

Who is involved?

Depending on the size of the team, all team members or designated team members could be involved in the presentation of the recommendations.

Presentation phase objectives:

  • Effectively present workshop team recommendations.

  • Demonstrate depth, knowledge, and thoroughness in order to sell ideas.

  • Provide opportunity for decision makers to question team and assess recommendations.

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