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Fact Sheets
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Author :
Description : Outlines why Value Analysis is important to manufacturers. In order to harness innovation, a systematic and replicable problem solving method is essential. Value Analysis/Value Engineering is such a problem-solving method.
Author : Value Analysis Canada
Description : One page summary of VA process, benefits, and how to learn more. 
Author : Value Analysis Canada
Description : Want to achieve more with Value Management? Download Value Analysis Canada 30 tips for more value. Gain tips on how to:
  • Encourage Value Management
  • Prepare for a  Value Study
  • Build a great Value Team
  • Manage information
  • Make Function Analysis fun!
  • Create more ideas
  • Evaluate ideas quickly and competently
  • Help teams with the hard work of developing ideas
  • Deliver a smooth and credible presentation.
Author : Value Analysis Canada
Description : 2 page fact sheet describing how to create and read a Function Analysis System Technique (FAST) diagram.
Author : Value Analysis Canada
Description : Describes function based brainstorming, a technique used in value management to identify alternative ideas to meet a need (function)
Author : Value Analysis Canada
Description : One Page Summary of Functional Performance Specification (FPS) process. The FPS Value Methodology is different than the standard SAVE International value methodology.
Author : Value Analysis Canada
Description :

Double sided brochure from the Canadian Society of Value Analysis explaining the basic concepts and benefits of Value Analysis or Value Engineering.