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SAVE International is an international society devoted to the advancement and promotion of the value methodology. CSVA Members can attend SAVE International events at SAVE International member rates. SAVE supports the development of VE throughout the world. SAVE International has a number of publications available for download from it's knowledge bank.
The Institute of Value Management is a UK based society involved in promoting the worldwide use of Value Management.The IVM promotes value management across all sectors of the economy. The IVM, through its independent Certification Board, is responsible for implementing the European Certification and Training System within the UK. CSVA members have access to IVM member publications.
AFAV ( l'Association Française pour l'Analyse de la Valeur) is a European society based in France that promotes the methodology and tools related to value analysis : Value Management, technical manuals, functional analysis, design by value analysis, design by cost objective, design of selected objectives. Guy Brun, a member of AFAV, developed one of the leading VA techniques, Functional Performance Specification (Cahier des Charges Fonctionnel) in France.
The Australian Institute of Value Management is dedicated to improving Australia's national and international performance through the application of Value Management to systems, organisations, processes, products and services. The IVMA was instrumental in supporting the publishing of the Value Management standard, AS4183-2007.
Society of Japanese Value Engineering (SJVE) is a non-profit membership organization that provides and exchanges professional information about Value Engineering (VE), Japan and overseas , for the purpose of promoting VE activities to bring about better results among industrial and other business circles.
Hong Kong Institute of Value Management
The VDI Technical Division Value Management/Value Analysis deals with the following topics at present: Qualification to be a VDI Value Analyst, Professional in Value Management (PVM) and Trainer in Value Management (TVM), certification acc. to EN 12 973 Communication VDI Innovation Prize for Value Analysis/Value Management International activities in the European Governing Board (EGB)
The Technical Division Value Management / Value Analysis at the VDI has been the leading organization for the application, support and further development Value Analysis / Value Management in the German-speaking world since 1967. It also plays a leading role in the international community. Links: Technical Division Value Management/Value Analysis. This short explanatory video gives a first overview of the topic using the example of a construction project. The methodology Value Analysis is an organized and creative approach that applies a function- and cost-oriented design process with the aim of increasing the value of the value analysis object. The video is in English - Value Analysis in a Nutshell
 Dutch Association of Cost Engineers.
The Indian Value Engineering Society established in October 1977, serves Indian Industry by dissemination of Value Engineering knowledge.
The Society of the Hungarian Value Analysts website.
The Value Management Institute of Taiwan offers information to improve the Taiwanese economy, encourage economic growth and improve public projects through Value Management. The Value Management Institute of Taiwan was created in 2001 and is supported by the Ministry of the Interior. Taiwan initially focused Value Management activities to improve product design and to optimize manufacturing. Taiwan is now applying Value Management on public infrastructure projects, notably Transit.      
The Society of Value Managers (Australia) promotes best practise in Value Management. The society is in charge of the Austrian NVA (national value association) under the European Value for Europe Board following the standard EN12973.
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City of Calgary Value Management Standard representing the minimum requirement that must be met to perform and conduct a Value Management review for all applicable capital projects that meet the criteria outlined in the Application of Standard section.
Site briefly describes Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO)  VE program, explanation of VE, and highlights some success stories.
MoV is all about maximizing value in line with the programme and project objectives and the key stakeholder requirements. It is not simply about minimizing costs. MoV is relevant to portfolios, programmes and projects. At the portfolio level it reflects the organization's strategic objectives and sets the agenda for the programmes that deliver these objectives which, in turn, define the projects undertaken to achieve the required outputs
The American Office of Management and Budget (OMB)  issued an updated the requirement for federal agencies to utilize Value Engineering on Dec 26,2013. OMB Circular A-131 requires agencies to apply value engineering to programs costing more than $5 million and with naming an official to be accountable for embracing the concept.   
American Federal Transit Authority lessons learned on the use of Value Engineering in Transit. Demonstrates that reductions in the project cost of Fort Worth to Dallas Commuter Rail were achieved. The Federal Transit Authority advocates the use of VE on major transportation projects. "Value Engineering (VE)" is advocated by FTA throughout the design process particularly in the early phase where there is the greatest opportunity to affect the cost of construction with minimal impact to project goals. VE assesses products and systems and provides recommendations for a more economical solution. The process also considers long-term operations and maintenance practices and costs.
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A non-profit public foundation dedicated to the advancement of the state-of-the-art of value methodology through planning, research and education. Create and promote teaching of Value methodology courses at University level. Promote public Awareness (publications, multimedia, and technology transfer programs). Encourage research and development through Scholarship/Grants Programs
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University has operated a Value Engineering workshop since 1973. The combination of Value Engineering and industry-university cooperation is unique. Company representatives sit together with senior Mechanical Engineering students to solve their common problem: a real-life project selected by the company. At the end of the workshop session, each company has one or more specific solutions available, which will improve the value of the subject of the study, be it a process, product, or service.
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is one of the most powerful approaches for delivering value to your customers. Through a system of tools and techniques, you can set product strategies, identify critical customer needs, and deploy those into design initiatives that will satisfy customers and beat competitors.
The collection includes: personal papers books artifacts the journal Value World proceedings of the annual conference of the Society of American Value Engineers
The Value Management Research Group (VMRG) is headed up by Dr Stuart Green with the aim of developing the theoretical basis of value management and providing practical guidance to the construction industry. Activities include research, publications, training and consultancy. Consultancy services include not only the facilitation of individual workshops, but also the design and implementation of value management systems. Past clients for training and consultancy include many 'blue-chip' companies within the UK construction industry. Courses for industry have also been provided in several overseas countries.
Dr. Eugene O'Loughlin of the National College of Ireland explains the Value Analysis process in this youtube video.
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Since its founding in 1969, Project Management Institute (PMI©) has grown to be the organization of choice for project management professionalism. With almost 45,000 members world-wide, PMI® is the leading non-profit professional association in the area of Project Management. PMI establishes Project Management standards, provides seminars, educational programs and professional certification that more and more organizations desire for their project leaders.
PMI-Montreal is a chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI). It brings together project management practitioners from Quebec who are members of PMI. Promote professionalism in project management and its recognition;
TRIZ (pronounced TREEZ) is the Russian acronym for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. It is a proven algorithmic approach to solving technical problems. The Triz Journal = http://www.triz-journal.com/
The Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS) is an organization that certifies cost management professionals with the designation Professional Quantity Surveyors (PQS). Professional Quantity Surveyors provide clients with a recognized method of estimating and controlling the expected range of  costs for infrastructure projects (particularly building projects).  Professional Quantity Surveyors are frequently team members on Value Analysis/Value Engineering studies and in some provinces coordinate Value Engineering studies. PQS professionals are often involved in preparing risk based cost and schedule estimates. These estimates are frequently used in Value Engineering studies and the subject matters experts involved in risk based cost and schedule estimates are often team members (cost and risk) on Value Engineering studies involving buildings.
"The Ontario Institute of Quantity Surveyors represents a body of highly skilled, professional quantity survyors and certified estimators, with the knowledge and expertise, through education, experience and continuing professional development to face the global challenges of a rapidly changing and fast-paced construction market. This information website serves to communicate and collaborate with current and prospective members as well as other related property associations and the construction industry in general." (http://www.oiqs.org) 
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