March 2017
Shop Layout Optimization utilizing Function Analysis

Thursday March 9th, 2017

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (MST)
Presenter: James Tan and Darsh Nawaratna
Construction Services, Infrastructure Delivery (previously Drainage Design & Construction), Integrated Infrastructure Services Department undertook a transformation initiative in 2013-2015 to reassess its business model and strategies and, to develop new strategic directions to align with the City’s overall vision and goals. The transformation initiative resulted in the acquisition of a new facility; Edmiston Yard. This new shop/yard will provide the necessary space to deliver equipment services and supports to the construction groups as well as taking on the new initiative of undertaking the tunnel boring machine refurbishment in-house.

A study to optimize the usage of the shop area was commenced on February 2015 and completed in June 2015. The deliverables of the study are: (1) An optimized shop space layout plan with analyses to determine optimum location for each piece of equipment based on the work flow and process needs, identifying optimum requirements for each functional need and minimizing recycling and movement crossing points and (2) An equipment relocation plan from the old Coronation Yard to the new Edmiston Yard. The relocation plan is to include an optimized schedule of the equipment transfer with minimal disruption on the equipment services and supports to construction activities and a staging plan

Value engineering was utilized in the study. More specifically, the team applied function analysis to identify critical needs and control the “good-to-have items”. This presentation will highlight the project objectives, process, and major findings. 
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