November 2016
Value Analysis in municipal projects

The city of Granby has opened a project management office where they want to implement best practices. One of the selected best practices is Value Analysis.  Mr. Daniel Surprenant, P.Eng., Project Director will be highlighting his experience of using value analysis in the city of Granby on a variety of projects.  
The city of Calgary has a Value Management Standard and has used Value Management for several years and has maintained statistics on their experience. Mrs. Lucie Parrot, P.Eng. CSV-life, will present these very convincing statistics.
To learn more about how these cities can get more for their money come to this meeting. 
Note that these presentations will take place in French.
Wednesday November 2, 2016
5PM - 7PM
Mairie d'arrondissement - Le Sud-Ouest
Salle du Conseil, 2nd floor (02-101)
815, rue Bel-Air
Montréal, QC H4C 2K4