April 2013
CSVA at the Order of Engineers of Québec

CSVA was present at the Order of Engineers of Québec seminar, on April 8th and 9th 2013, in Montreal.

The seminar included over one thousand (1000) attendees. We had a booth where we explained to those stopping to see us, what value engineering is and what the mission of CSVA is.

We offered over 100 note pads CSVA-20 years of VA in Canada, to attract attendees. Over and above these persons who were in direct contact with us, there are also all those who saw our name and logo and all those who read in the seminar documentation a short description of what is CSVA. At the booth, there was Alain Leblanc, Jean-François Chénier, Ronald Blanchet and Lucie Parrot.

This presence was very important to us because it is a first step to ensure more engineers use VA and recognize it as a best practice in project delivery.