March 2012
Sharing Values with a First Nation through Value Engineeering.

Sharing Ideas with First Nations through Value Engineering
Modified Study welcomes new perspectives
The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) recently embarked on a modified Value Engineering Study with the full participation of the Red Rock Indian Band. The Red Rock Indian Band community had reached development capacity at its LakeHelen land base on Highway 11 just east of Nipigon, Ontario. The First Nation’s land base was bounded by LakeHelen on the west and constrained to the north and east by a high rocky ledge. Lot 14, government-owned land in the Township of Nipigon, appeared to be the only opportunity for contiguous expansion but was protected by the ministry for future use. The Band expressed interest in acquiring all or a portion of Lot 14 from the ministry. The collaborative Value Engineering study resulted in a win-win solution for both parties.
Value Engineering (VE) is a systematic, organized method of investigation led by a trained facilitator. During the process, multi-disciplinary teams investigate and analyze the functional requirements of a project to achieve the essential functions at the lowest total cost (capital, operating, maintenance and societal) over the life of the project. VE teams identify alternatives to reduce overall risk and to improve project effectiveness and sustainability, and/or reduce total project costs using a combination of creative and analytical techniques by seeking optimal value, defined as the ratio of stakeholder needs over resources. Resulting resolutions are built on consensus, transparency and respect. 
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