November 2014
Symposium 2014

The Canadian Value Symposium 2014, hosted by the Canadian Society of Value Analysis (CSVA) will take place November 17th and 18th, at the Eaton Chelsea in Downtown Toronto. The theme of this year’s Symposium is: 

Solving Problems and Improving Value
Value Analysis (VA) is a proven project management best practice and an exceptional decision-making tool to find alternative solutions to problems and achieve best value for money in projects, processes, systems and products. The Canadian Value Symposium 2014 will demonstrate how Value Analysis/ Value Management/Value Engineering can help you solve problems and improve value in your projects, products or services. 
Target Audience:
Value Analysis is a proven tool in government, reducing costs and improving performance of projects, programs, processes and organizations.
 Value Analysis and Function Analysis are powerful techniques to clearly define needs  and to identify creative and efficient solutions, maximizing value to clients and customers.
Value Analysis is used by leading manufacturers to achieve innovative solutions in product development and manufacturing.