February 2012
SAVE-CSVA joint membership

We are happy to announce that SAVE international and CSVA have agreed upon a joint membership, to satisfy the needs of those who work in both countries or want to keep both memberships without feeling left out on one of them.

This membership will cost $180 can. The dual member pays $70 less than the current $250 ($100 + $150) to join both societies. This is a great deal that will help those who had to choose between one and the other societies, for any reasons. Now, you can feel patriotic and support your local society and still be a member of the other, for the benefits it brings you.

This joint membership is optional, and is targeted to those who would need it. You only have to pay once, at your local society and the transfer of information (and money) will be taken care of, by the business office of your local society to the business office of the other society.  Then, you will be a regular, individual member of both societies.

For the moment, this only applies to individual members. If there is demand, we will later look into corporate joint memberships.


Lucie Parrot, eng. CVS-Life