November 2012
VE Mod1 at McGill University

The Mod1 at McGill University has just been completed with 5 projects the students had to optimize using the VE tools.  The CSVA sent  representatives (Mrs. Chantal Dion eng, from Hatch and Mr. Hilary Avertick eng. from Martin Parrot) to evaluate the presentations and choose the best one. The winning team is the Koyo Food team. Koyo Food is a major manufacturer of rice cakes, in Montreal. The team had to optimize the preparation of the rice process. It came up with a VE proposal comparing the actual very manual and strenuous process to an automated process with a concept of a rice washer/humidifier and pneumatic conveying of the rice from the bags to the washer and from the washer to the cooker. Congratulations to the Koyo team! The value of this proposed process was better than the value of the actual process.

Following the presentations of all 5 teams, a cocktail was held to congratulate all teams on their hard work and excellent results on their respective projects.

Pictures below show the winning team composed of: Jithin Abraham, Baha Balaa, Tamara Barbouti, Burke Gillis, Rami Osman and Nicolas Seifert. Joe Slanik was the technical advisor on this team. Other pictures are taken at the cocktail.