November 2011
2011 Annual Conference: Innovation Through Value Analysis!

The Canadian Society of Value Analysis held its annual conference in Toronto from November 14 to 16, 2011.

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Innovation Through Value Analysis

A Best Practice for the 21st Century



The Canadian Society of Value Analysis was recently recognized by the Government of Canada for its commitment in promoting the use of Value Analysis and Risk Assessment methodologies in accessing today's complex challenges. See Letter of Congratulations

The Canadian Society of Value Analysis was also presented by a letter from the Minister of Economic Development and Innovation. See Letter from Minister



The Annual Canadian Society of Value Analysis Conference was held this year in Toronto from November 14th to 16th. The theme of the conference this year was:

Innovation through Value Analysis!
A 21st Century Best Practice

The conference program addressed some of the key priorities affecting all governments and organizations today.

  • Improving value for money in transportation, transit and municipal infrastructure
  • Innovation in Alternative Delivery and P3 projects
  • Organizational change, service delivery, business priorities and business process re-engineering
  • The use of Value Analysis in manufacturing, product development and education
  • Risk Analysis and Cost Risk Assessment for infrastructure projects


Copy of the Conference brochure and program is located HERE

For more information, please see our bulletins and web site:

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