September 2020
Value Analysis Virtual Symposium


Value Analysis Canada is conducting our annual conference/symposium virtually this year. The dates are October 5-7th, 2020. We are also using a ½ day format; 12 pm – 5 pm (Eastern Time Zone). We hope that you can set aside these dates and plan to attend on-line. The symposium theme is:

We have had a tremendous response from keynote speakers ,  VM professionals and VM administrators to make  presentations at this year’s symposium. In total we have 20 presentations discussing this year’s theme of “Creative Solutions for Challenging  times.
We have also added two 1 ½ hour courses on Wednesday morning to provide instruction and lessons learned on conducting virtual training and workshops. These are free to registrants but are limited to 10 participants per session.
Please refer to Value Analysis Canada website for the program, speaker and registration details.

Tom Fletcher P.Eng., CVS
President & Symposium Chair 2020