May 2017
Pathways to Value: Promoting Value Analysis in Western Canada – May

On May 11, the Value Analysis Canada – Western Group held the final monthly dinner of its first season, featuring a presentation from Tom Fletcher, P.Eng. CVS, of the Fletcher Group, a leading Ontario-based Value Engineering firm.
Fletcher’s presentation, titled “Challenging Conventional Decision Making”, highlighted the ways Value Engineering can contribute to any project, despite the road blocks value methodologies often face.
“Value is a very rough thing to get agreement on, but if you can’t do that, you can’t get a handle on your wants and needs,” Fletcher said, summarizing the foundational role the understanding of value plays in any engineering project.
The dinner presentation took place at the Fantasyland Hotel in the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta. In attendance were approximately 20 representatives from provincial and municipal governments, as well as industry and academia.
The first two years of the Value Analysis Canada – Western Group has been a fantastic success, thanks to those who have committed their time, donations and support. During the May 11 dinner, the group’s inaugural director, Hussien Al-Battaineh, Ph.D., P.Eng., CVS®, officially handed over the reigns to new director Gary Evans, M. Sc. MBA, P. Eng. PMP, AVS, who will be guiding the group through its third year.
Events will continue in September 2017 and leadership meetings will continue throughout the summer to determine the direction the group will take.

In pursuit of our mission to promote the application of value methodologies in Canada for the benefit of governments, industries, practitioners, and society, we welcome your comments and encourage you to join the movement towards the highest possible value in engineering.
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