February 2017
February 2017 editorial

A short winter month, then we will see the light as spring approaches! I am encouraged that since the New Year, I have seen a boost in the number of projects and a renewed demand for Value Engineering. I hope this is also true for the Value community all around the world. There is a renewed interest in methodologies which help project owners and managers demonstrate greater transparency. VM is an effective tool to achieve that, as well as defining scope, establishing performance measures and indicators, maximizing buy-in, defining and implementing strategies, and so on. Who says that VM is only to optimize construction projects? The field of application of VM has evolved from products to projects to processes to a broad range of business related topics. To all of you Value practitioners, make sure that you develop your knowledge and skills to be able to handle all kinds of challenges and VM applications. Demonstrating the power of VM to achieving business success will help grow the methodology and the profession.