December 2016
November-December 2016 Editorial

In the last few weeks, I have been in contact with many organizations comparable to Value Analysis Canada. I would like to share with you what I learned from discussions with two of those organizations.

First, I was invited to attend the “Process Mappers Day” in the Montreal area, where over 50 persons involved in process mapping were present and listened to very interesting presentations about success stories involving process mapping. These two approaches, VA and process mapping are complementary to each other: indeed, when you want to optimize a process with value analysis, it is nice to be able to document the existing process to do so. Likewise, when you create a new process starting with Value Analysis, it is nice to eventually map the new process, once it is created. 
In our mission statement at VA Canada, we have the notion of interfacing Value Analysis with other methodologies. Process mapping is one methodology that is easily integrated with VA.
Second, I was invited to help out the Swiss Value society in organizing its past “Value University”, in August 2016, where many value creating approaches were represented and their interactions and focus on creating value were discussed. There should be no competition between these approaches; they definitely complement each other. The best approach for each circumstance should be identified and applied. For managers, it is important to know all these approaches, to identify and apply the best approach in each situation.
At Value Analysis Canada, we recognize the opportunity to be an umbrella society, covering all the value creating approaches, like the Swiss are doing. In this way, we could better accomplish our goal, to improve value for Canadians.
Lastly, let me wish you all a very happy Holiday Season and may you be able to take time with your loved ones, to make the coming days the most valuable moments of the year.
Lucie Parrot, eng. M.eng. CVS-Life, FSAVE