July 2016
July 2016 editorial

July is vacation month for many of us! After working hard all year, many look forward to a well-deserved week or 2 (or 3!), to relax and recharge the batteries.   Despite the down time, it may be more difficult to relax this summer with so much tragedy unfolding around us, Orlando, Dallas and Nice to name but a few recent examples. Big or small, personal or community wise, these events affect us in many ways.

As Value Specialists, we have the opportunity to work on projects big or small, nearby or distant, public or private, projects which will impact the lives of a few or many people.  Using Value Analysis/Value Engineering we could help in optimizing the satisfaction of safety and security needs, whether national or local. I recently carried out a study addressing the security of intellectual property at a large smelter in Canada. Similar approaches are applicable to security issues at our borders, local events and companies. Value Management is a proven and effective technique in dealing with such problems. I know many of you have also been used VA/VE to find solutions to security challenges, and we would welcome hearing about your experiences and successes.
Value Management can help those taking care of us make sound choices, investing in the right places, for the most impact. Let’s educate and encourage our government agencies to increase the use VA/VE to address security and other critical needs!
I wish you all a great summer vacation! We will speak again soon.
Lucie Parrot, ing. M.ing. CVS®-Life, FSAVE