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April 2016

It may be difficult to imagine, but at one time Niagara Falls was THE premier honeymoon and vacation destination. For many of our parents, along with Hollywood A-listers, it was the place to go once they tied the knot or just wanted to get away. Numerous vaudeville and comedy acts developed skits referencing Niagara Falls.

Based on a non-scientific survey of the conference planning committee, the most famous and well-remembered to some is The Three Stooges.  So, don’t be a stooge but quickly turn to register for the 2016 SAVE/VAC Value Summit. Step-by-step and inch-by-inch, the registration deadline will be here and you don’t want to be left out.

This year’s conference is co-hosted by SAVE-International and Value Analysis Canada (VAC). Members from both organizations are working diligently to develop an interesting program that includes cutting-edge presentations, captivating keynote speakers, fun-filled activities, innovative workshops, and much more. Don’t be left out:
register for this year’s conference now!

See you in June in Niagara Falls!