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February 2016

Each year Value Analysis Canada (formerly the Canadian Society of Value Analysis, CSVA) presents Awards of Merit to honour individuals and organizations recognized for creating value in Canada and across the world through the use, promotion and advancement of the Value Methodologies. This year the VA Canada Awards of Merit will be presented during the 2016 Value Summit, “The Power of VE", June 5-7, 2016 at the Sheraton on the Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario. The 2016 Value Summit is being co-hosted by SAVE International® and Value Analysis Canada. This international event will attract speakers and participants from industry, government and education across Canada, the United States and around the world, providing an exceptional opportunity to honour and showcase this year’s Awards of Merit recipients.
Value Analysis Canada would welcome your nominations of individuals or organizations deserving of recognition for their contributions to the Value Methodologies in Canada,
Awards may be presented in a number of categories, with consideration of the following broad criteria:
  • Innovative application of VE/VA or extension of theapplication/methodology;
  • Achievement of recognition for contributions to VE/VA in Canada or beyond;
  • Effective application of Value Engineering (VE)/Value Analysis (VA) to improve value to: government, industry, education, construction, etc.;
  • Application, innovation or contributionsto VE/VAinfluential beyond its previous applications;
  • Support and promotion of VE/VA in Canada;
  • Years of service to VA/VE, and the Value Analysis Canada;
  • In addition to deserving Canadian recipients, VA Canada welcomes nominations for the Stars and Stripes Award, recognizing our American colleagues, who have made significant contributions to the application and advancement of VE/VA in Canada.
A complete listing of the Awards, and past Award of Merit recipients can be found at the VA Canada website: http://www.scav-csva.org/awardspage.php
Please submit your nominations for consideration by the Value Analysis Canada Awards Committee, to: awards@scav-csva.org, no later than March 24th, 2016. Please include the name of the nominee and a brief message supporting the nomination with reference to the criteria as listed above.