February 2016
February 2016 editorial

Value Analysis Canada’s annual strategy session took place a few weeks ago and many topics, challenges and opportunities were discussed and brainstormed. By the end of the day, several projects were identified and prioritized for action. Some initiatives will target improving the administration of the society; an Executive Committee will be established to enhance the efficient execution of the society’s business activities. In addition,  a number of new V A Canada’s business procedures will be streamlined to better focus available resources to advancing Value Analysis Canada’s mission, ”to promote the application of the Value Methodologies in Canada for the benefit of governments, industry, practitioners and society”.
A major priority for this year will be the transitioning and updating of the society’s web site from our former name, the Canadian Society of Value Analysis to our new title: Value Analysis Canada.
New website content will be created.  We are looking to identify opportunities to highlight how Value Analysis relates to and integrates with current and emerging business and management best practices. We are looking for more success stories, and communications support for you when you need to speak about Value Analysis.
Finally, task groups will be identified to undertake work on other initiatives. For example, a task group was recently created to make the link between the Value Methodology and the Integrated Design process for buildings. Another task group will be initiated to research and develop guidance about Value Propositions. In addition, one more task group will investigate and make suggestions to communicate and enhance the benefits for members of VA Canada. We will be looking for volunteers to be a part of these task groups, involving a few hours per month.
VA Canada now has a Western region director, Mr. Hussien Al-Battaineh. We look forward to establishing similar positions for Ontario and Québec.

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of these activities and projects, let us know.  Contact me at president@scav-csva.org so we can discuss your active participation in improving your Value Analysis Canada.