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February 2016


When you mention Tesla these days many people think of the high-end electric cars produced by Tesla Motors. However, these cars are actually named after famous engineer, physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla (see  Picture of new statue) and there is an important connection between Nikola Tesla and Niagara Falls. Most electric cars run on Direct Current (DC) power, but like its namesake the Tesla runs on Alternating Current (AC) as Nikola Tesla is famous for the Alternating Current induction motor that led to the ultimate wide-spread distribution of Alternating Current power to our homes. It was after Tesla was brought to Niagara Falls that he got involved in the competition for the best way to harness the power from the Falls, which ultimately led to the first AC generating system at the falls. While you are at the 2016 SAVE/VA Canada conference in Niagara Falls it is a short walk down the street to see a statue of Nikola Tesla and part of an AC induction device.
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