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October 2021
Value Factory Oct 3-6
If you are interested in Value Management, improved decision making, or identifying the best value solutions, you will love this new way to connect with others. Share knowledge with users who apply VM to solve problems, improve projects, and optimise designs and services.

The Value Factory conference will
benefit anyone who is interested in:
  • Creating confidence in decision making
  • Selecting the most effective solution to deliver benefits
  • Ensuring project scope and solutions are defensible
  •  Engaging teams in searching for alternative solutions and reaching consensus
  • A reliable problem solving process that participants enjoy
Those who will benefit include:
  •  Investors, Project owners, Infrastructure Agencies and Program Managers responsible for approving project scopes and budget
  • Designers, Engineers, Managers, Architects, Process Specialists responsible for defining scope and identifying solutions
  • Business leaders involved in evaluating alternatives and balancing competing objectives
  •  Project Management Professionals and Educational Institutions
  •  Individuals interested in accelerating decision making
  • Value Engineers and Value Practitioners

Presentation links

Getting consensus in complex projects (Lillian Chan)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilAmlgPvZUY
Value Management for Decision-Makers (Michael Graham)  www.tiny.cc/valuefactory2

  Download all the details in PDF