June 2019
An Introduction to Value Methodology




This presentation will provide participants with an understanding of Value Management/ Value Analysis/ Value Engineering and an appreciation of how to benefit by VA and how to participate in Value Analysis.  Value Management/ Value Analysis/ Value Engineering is a facilitated and creative process that generates alternative solutions to problems. The solutions maintain or improve function (what something does), while at the same time maximize value. The process of Value Analysis takes place in a workshop format. This presentation will demonstrate that everyone and every organization can benefit from Value Management/ Value Analysis/ Value Engineering.

Target Audience:

All Faculty and Grad Students in both science and engineering disciplines interested in improving value, quality and cost of their projects, products, operations or services.

Note:  This is an introductory level presentation 


The seminar will be supported by TME (J.Herbert Smith Center for Technology Management & Entrepreneurship)


After this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Define Value Analysis
  • List and describe the phases of Value Analysis
  • List the benefits to sponsors, team members and organizations
  • Develop an action plan to apply principles on the job

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PowerPoint presentation along with Q&A


Monday, June 24

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