Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facilities


The method of ensuring that commercial vehicles are safe had changed from weight enforcement to checking that mechanical fitness and driver fitness. The design standard for commercial vehicle enforcement facilities had remained focused on weight enforcement. A Value Engineering/ Value Analysis Study was needed to quickly develop innovative new design concepts and standards for a new style of commercial vehicle inspection facility.

VM Objectives

Optimize the building design and ensure good value. including interior design, security features, and building materials. Design a facility be multifunctional, flexible, and available for use of other enforcement agencies. One objective of the study was to reach consensus between engineering and enforcement on the new standard.

VM Results

The VA study was a fast process that developed an innovative and flexible design concept. There were early approvals for the new concept, few changes, and strong buy-in. A second workshop was undertaken using Functional Performance Specification to define and characterize the user requirements for the buildings, and a VE study to workshop the building layout. A number of new facilities have been built and have been well received. More information available on developing the concept is at


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