Hwy 417 Twining, Arnprior

Description/Need The detail design for Highway 17/417 Twinning from Lanark Road 29 to Division St, including New Interchanges and Service Roads.
VM Objectives Construction staging, constructability,high cost items.
VM Results

The VE team was surprised to learn during the information phase of the VE study which was undertaken during detail design that the local municipality and a major employer were concerned with the recently approved design for layout of the service roads which were providing local access from the aerospace plant to the freeway. The VE study resulted in a service or frontage road being relocated so that it better met the economic needs of the major aerospace employer in rural Ontario. The relocated service road better met the security requirements, enabled expansion of the major employer, generated surplus government land for sale, an achieved the same service road functions. The service road change alone resulted in $330,000 savings/cost avoidance, (2.4 M savings/cost avoidance for total study). The key outcome of the VA workshop was the VA process enabled the Ministry of Transportation, the local municipality, and a major employer to work together over a short period of time to develop an innovative solution.


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