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2007 - McGill University - Student Presentations
Awards > 2007 - McGill University - Student Presentations
Author : Philippe Bergeron, Soumitra Haldar, Tejinder Gill, Brendan Rehel & Simon Carignan
Description : Students used Value Engineering (VE) for the design of an automated storage and retrieval system for aluminum sheets.
Author : Samer Abughannam, Antonio Pagano, Mathieu Poitras, Arman Oduncuoglu & Jean-Simon Lavall
Description : McGill students conducted a VE study for Tekdata to develop an automated retrieval system that could increase storage space and expedite the process of retrieving and storing raw materials.
Title : Electric Snowmobile (N/A | 2007 | #189)
Author : Isabelle Chavarie, Elizabeth Lee, Kieran Humphries, Mohamed ElSaid & JF Haeck
Description : McGill students conceptualize a "clean" electric snowmobile for the 2008 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge.
Author : Andrew Rodrigues, Olivier Lagani?re, Andrew Massat, Adepoju Adenariwo, William Hung & Dr. Alexei Morozov
Description : McGill students explore the market for 3D automated cutting and welding of structural steel.