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Developing a VM Program > Industry /Private Sector
Author : Jim Bolton
Description : This presentation highlights the issues in the manufacturing community with respect to the lack of consistent use of the Value Methodology, why this has happened, and what is necessary to reverse the situation for future generations.The understanding and application of Value Engineering (VE) principles has never been more important for the  manufacturing sector but there is very little knowledge of Value Engineering. One of the biggest contributors is the loss of professionally trained Value Practitioners within organizations that once had a thriving internal VE program.

Many  manufacturing organizations such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, TRW Automotive, etc. had internal universities that specialized in training employees in basic engineering and value enhancing skills such as the Value Methodology, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, Six Sigma, Lean principles and innovations tools such as TRIZ. .
Author : Derek DaSilva
Description :

The deep slide in commodity prices from 2014 to 2016 prompted Stantec to develop a value engineering program. Oil & Gas consulting has always been a competitive business, but the unrelenting pressure on fees and winning client confidence after the 2014 oil crash necessitated that we do a far better job in defining and reporting the value we bring to projects. This was also our opportunity to broaden the understanding and application of the Value Methodology in our company. This presentation looks at how our Value Management Program has evolved since its initiation in January 2017. What have we learned? How have we adjusted our model and objectives to better suit our broad client base and global workforce? Is our approach still viable within a remote and dispersed working environment between staff and our clients?


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Author : Jeff Chan, P.Eng., VMA
Description : Presentation reviews the development of VM at Enbridge from the formation of a VM team in 2016 and key takeaways on how to launch a successful VM program in a large corporate entity. Benefits of the program include increased stakeholder buy-in, a repository of ideas for future projects, improved visibility of VM program after each study, and faster resolution of design considerations.