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Developing a VM Program > Municipal
Author : Value Analysis Canada
Description : Describes the VE process on municipal projects and how the VE process helps municipal managers meet their core competencies in the following areas.
  • Fiscal accountability 
  • Results orientation 
  • Approach to Building Consensus 
  • Effective Project Management 
  • Innovation 
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Effective tool for Solving Problems


Author : Elizabeth Murphy
Description : Value Engineering Seminar & Design for the Woodroffe Avenue Pedestrian Bridge
Author : Jill Woller
Description : New York City converted a 222 acre landfill site into an 18 hole PGA golf course at Ferry Point Park. This presentation describes the use of VE and Function analysis to meet the many challenges of building a golf course over a landfill site.

Jill Woller directs the City of New York’s Value Engineering (VE) Program, located within the Office of the Mayor’s Office of Management & Budget (OMB). She has degrees in Public Administration and Architecture. She has been working for NYC OMB for over eighteen years, and has developed the Program almost since its inception. Prior to this position, she worked for design and project development firms. Ms. Woller has initiated many contracting and organizational innovations to create a climate which fosters the application of classical VE to publicly funded projects and services. Over time, the Program has become institutionalized and is now an accepted part of the City’s approval process.
Author : Amin Sarang, Ph.D, PEng, VMA, PMP
Description : Cities around the world face big challenges and rapid change. The success of cities is critical to humanity. There is no time to get it wrong. There is time for the right process, value management, to ensure that the objectives are understood and the best value solution under the circumstances is identified.   

Lessons learned on projects, programs, and associated regulations form a solid foundation within the crowd wisdom pyramid. The presentation will highlight the success of urban VM programs and workshops in an example of developing country. 

Learn from the challenges and successes intrinsic to applying VM in urban contexts. Practitioners and Enthusiasts alike will be empowered with actionable takeaways for their own urban VM endeavours.

Author : Narinder Bubbar
Description : Over the past two decades Calgary has experienced strong population growth. Every year the City undertakes numerous types of programs and projects to deliver quality services to the citizens of Calgary. The City of Calgary is a program and project intensive organization. In November 2015, the City published a Value Management (VM) Standard followed by Value Management (VM) Guidance documents. These documents became formally operational on February 01, 2016. It mandates that every capital infrastructure program/ project at or above C$25.0 M shall perform one Value Management study prior to the execution. The City of Calgary is possibly the first municipality in Canada and among a select few municipalities in North America to institutionalize Value Management. Here is the story of how it happened.
Author : Marie-Claude LeSauteur, Architect, M.Sc.A., PA LEED, PMP
Description : Adopted by the municipal council in August 2022, the revised Project and Program Governance Framework is aligned with the City’s vision to optimize and standardize investments and benefits for citizens. The presentation shows how value analysis at the portfolio, program and project levels are integrated in the framework and how it helps serve a diverse population with diverse needs. 
Author : Brian Bedford, B.Sc. (Env.) B.Ed, Executive Director, BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Description : For complex projects local governments will often seek senior government funding support through infrastructure programs. In British Columbia the programs have a policy in place where projects that meet the criteria are required to undertake value analysis to optimize the project and ensure funding is effectively spent. In theory the application of value analysis in conjunction with a funding program is sound, benefiting both the project proponent and the funding agency. We will explore the benefits and challenges of this approach through case studies of approved projects. 
Author : Narinder Bubbar
Description :
Author : Jill Woller CVS-Life FSAVE
Description : This presentation describes the Best Practices developed over many years of establishing and managing the largest Value Management Program outside of the US government program. The NYC VM Program reviews a broad range of project types including buildings, infrastructure, and agency operations. This Presentation covers project selection, timing and approaches to reduce designer resistance and to increase confidence in cost management, levels of participation during VM studies, benefits, and innovations which ensure a professional and holistic review of each project. Specific case studies are used to illustrate results.
Author : Mushtaq Rabbi
Description :

Government, Industry and Society face many challenges including uncertain economic times, shrinking budgets, demanding customers and citizens, competition and competing priorities. Presentation to the Frederickton Board of Trade demonstrates why the application of value management is a best practice in achieving public accountability through the results achieved on 23 successful VM studies at the City of Calgary.

Author : Mushtaq Rabbi, Narinder Bubbar
Description : This presentation outlines the evolution, development, application, and eventual adoption of Value Management (VM) by the City of Calgary as a standard business practice to demonstrate value in capital infrastructure investments. In practice, the municipal services in the City of Calgary are delivered by 33 business units. The concept of value to citizens was and has always been there in various services.However, there was limited or no structured approach to demonstrate value for informed decision making,option selection and prioritization or for fostering a culture of innovation. For the longest period, the traditional approach to delivering municipal programs and projects was deemed suffice by various capital-intensive business units as a clear demonstration of value added activity.In this presentation, the authorsdraw from their personal and professional experience as part of this journey and will document how once a good idea has now become a mandatory requirement to demonstrate and deliver value in municipal services to the citizens of Calgary.Organizational culture and business processes have a longer lifecycle than any tangible assets. Wherever there is a resistance to change also lies a great opportunity for success. In this case, the journey took nearly7years to acknowledge the power of Value Methodology at the highest level of this public-sectororganization in Canada