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Author : Lucie Parrot eng. , M.eng., CVS:Life, Martin:Parrot
Description :

VE has been used plenty to develop and improve products, to improve infrastructures and construction projects, as well as to optimize business processes. But the industrial processes can also benefit from the VE advantage: why are these steps necessary? How are they achieved? What else can be done?... A short presentation will explain how to use the methodology in such a context of the Mining industry and transformation industry. A typical functional diagram will be presented. Then, a few heavy industry processes will be presented with before and after situations.

Title : Applying VE in Aviation Cost Out Program (PDF | 2016 | MEMBER-ONLY | #442)
Author : Agara
Description : This paper describes the Cost-out approach of an engineering team and demonstrates the importance of value engineering principles through several case studies. Value Engineering was first invented in GE in 1940s. Over the last 2 years GE has been working to resurrect the Aviation business and applying the value engineering principles to various business critical programs.
A global task force of dedicated “cost out/Value” engineers was formed to achieve this critical business goal. The cost out team collaboratively worked with cross-functional teams from design to manufacturing. The team visited shops, held action workouts (including classical SAVE recommended 5 day AVS workshops [2], identified improvement areas for cost reduction opportunities.