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Project / Business Management / Services
Project / Business Management / Services
Author : Francine Constantineau
Description : Presentation to the Construction and Leadership Conference regarding the use of Value Engineering on construction projects. Presentation includes a useful table showing integration of Value Analysis into the project management process.
Author : Lucie Parrot, ENG. M.ENG., CVS®-LIFE, FSAVE
Description :
Author : Mark Watson
Description : VE is a project-management tool that project managers should employ to improve their project. The definition of improvement can vary depending on the project manager's and the stockholder’s vision of the project. Although traditionally VE is considered a cost-control process, it can be utilized in a variety of ways, such as: defining project goals, improving schedule, and as a means of solving engineering problems. When the project manager understands and applies the basis of the VE process, it becomes a tool similar to TQM, critical path scheduling, and estimating. When the project manager takes control of the traditional VE process and integrates it into the project, they eliminate much of the uncertainty of the VE process. Understanding and applying VE as an integral part of the project-delivery process will allow the project manager to utilize the benefits of VE and in the end create a better project.
Author : Andréanna Martine, AVS
Description :
Author : Claude Emond
Description : Presentation that links value management to portfolio management.