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Innovative Applications
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Author : John Robinson, MRC
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Author : Michael Pearsall, P.Eng, CVS, Manager, Maintenance Contracts, MTO and Tammy Dow, M.Sc.E., P.Eng., CVS
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Snow removal equipment often operates under the most adverse conditions when conspicuity is most important. Every effort is made by MTO and its contractors to keep highways safe and to provide efficient winter maintenance services.  Part of this effort of keeping the highways safe is continuous improvement in the equipment and methods used. This session will explain how MTO working with HDR used a Value Analysis workshop to improve the visibility of snow removal equipment.  MTO has a long history of success with the Value Analysis methodology mainly on highway design projects, but more recently they have moved into more process and business organization studies to harness more benefits from this tool. The study revealed that much of the “brand identity” that the public had associated with snow removal equipment in Ontario has been lost and whatever solution was to be selected had to re-establish a new brand identity.  The workshop results recommended that improved rear markings should be applied consistently to all snow removal equipment.  The workshop also was key in obtaining quick stakeholder buy-in to the revised design by actively involving the stakeholders in the process.