Who We Are

Brief History
The Canadian Society of Value Analysis (CSVA) was founded in 1993 in Montreal, Quebec to promote the VA methodology. This Society has contributed to the promotion of value analysis through meetings, conferences and publications. Originally 15 organizations and individuals were the founding members of this Society.

In the following years, CSVA continued to promote the use of Value Analysis to organizations and industry throughout Canada. Society involvement initially expanded to include members and government and industry in Ontario, followed by ongoing expansion to other provinces and territories. Annual conferences have been important events to promote and share knowledge, best practices and experiences about Value Analysis.

In 2012 Value Analysis Canada hosted its first Value Management conference in western Canada in Calgary, Alberta. In 2015 the society created a regional director position representing western Canada – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Change of Name
In 2016 the Canadian Society of Value Analysis was renamed Value Analysis Canada. The name change is intended to more clearly identify Value Analysis Canada as Canada’s national society dedicated to improving value to Canadians through the application of the Value Methodologies.
Founding Members
ABB inc.
Brun, Guy (AFAV)
Ville de Montréal
Parent, Yves
Roche ltée
Tahmazian, Berge
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Bombardier inc.
Excotech inc.
Ministère des transports
Optimaction inc
Plaveco Gérance ltée
SNC-Lavalin inc.
UMA Engineering ltd.