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Team Focus Group
Contact Name : Martyn Phillips, FIVM, FSAVE, FHKIVM, FICE, FCIWEM, CVS-Life, C.WEM, PVM, P.Eng.
Telephone : +1 780 460 1625
Email :

Services Extensive experience worldwide of infrastructure programs and projects cost, scheduling and functionality improvement. Assists organizations to achieve their objectives through best practice management approaches to derive, maintain and continuously improve portfolio, program and project performance. Value management for problems/opportunities of strategic choice/master planning and business process improvement. Value assurance. Value engineering for projects that are over budget, behind schedule or deadlocked. Risk management. SAVE International Module I (Basic) and Module II (Advanced) certification training. Related, published books by Team Focus: An Introduction to Value Assurance - A Guide to Driving Effective Programs, Projects, Products and Systems In Search of Value Aligning the Road to High Performance: Overview: Closing the Performance Gap through Value Assurance Part 1, Expectations: Understanding the Conditions for Success Part 2, Methods: Assuring Best Value and Managing Uncertainty Value Solutions Creating and Delivering Better Solutions in Less Time: Volume I, Value Methodology Fundamentals Volume II, Managing Value Management.span>