Designing In Value with Integrated VA

Designing In Value with Integrated VA
Designing In Value with Integrated Value Analysis

Value Analysis exercises are often completed very successfully as standalone one-off workshops with a completely separate team. However, that approach has some downsides which may include disruption to the project schedule, risk of extensive design rework, designer resistance, or inability to implement some suggestions. Integrating value analysis into the design lifecycle with a series of smaller sessions held at key points and involving members of the design team is an alternate method that can help address some of these issues. Additional benefits include integration of Value Methodology principles and function-based thinking throughout the project, better control of implementation, and the ability to quickly target a Value Analysis study for key decision areas.

Holly Parkis, CVS, PMP

Holly Parkis is a Portfolio Manager for Special Studies at SMA Consulting. She has significant expertise in the Value Methodology, facilitation, project management, quantitative risk analysis, and project delivery; she has facilitated more than 2000 hours of workshops across Western Canada and internationally. She is a Certified Value Specialist and a Project Management Professional, has multiple publications, and is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Alberta. Ms. Parkis is also an expert in Monte Carlo simulation techniques and data analysis and visualization. She has provided services for a diverse array of projects including drainage, light rail transit, water and wastewater treatment, heavy manufacturing, tunnels, highways, and major bridges, as well as process development and optimization studies. Her projects have won more than 15 provincial and national awards in the past five years.