Value Analysis Canada 2020 Symposium

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Value Analysis Canada 2020 Symposium

Value Analysis Canada is conducting our annual conference/symposium virtually this year. The dates are October 5-7th, 2020. We are also using a ½ day format; 12 pm – 5 pm (Eastern Time Zone). We hope that you can set aside these dates and plan to attend on-line. The symposium theme is:

The past 6 months have truly been challenging times which have required creative solutions for business and governments to survive during the COVID19 pandemic. The personal toll through sickness and death has been tragic on a worldwide basis.

Value Analysis Canada is providing an opportunity for the private and public sector to share their experiences on how business, government and individuals are developing innovative solutions through the use of Value Analysis/ Management.

Speakers will be from Canada, USA and Europe. We have also heard back from several companies and individuals that they like the ½ day format and are planning on attending. The Symposium will be comprised of  20-minute pre-recorded presentations followed by 10-minute live Q&A. 

VAC has also recently undertaken a large mailing to all the major communities in Canada to make as many executives in these communities aware of the benefits of using VA/VM on any of their major infrastructure projects. We will be following up with the community executives to help raise the awareness of VA/VM. We also plan on sending a similar letter to provincial and federal members of parliament.

Tom Fletcher P.Eng., CVS
President & Symposium Chair 2020