2017 Value Summit


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2017 Value Summit

The Canadian Value Symposium 2017, hosted by Value Analysis Canada, took place on October 16 & 17 at the Château Vaudreuil near Montreal . The theme of the Symposium was: 

Value Analysis, Simple and Reliable


Conference Proceedings are available for download 

Value Analysis (VA) is a reliable project management best practice and a powerful but simple decision-making tool to identify alternative solutions to problems and achieve best value for money in projects, processes, services and products. But while you can realize benefits in applying VA to individual projects, products and services, even greater returns can be achieved by applying Strategic Value Analysis your program and project portfolio management goals.

 Symposium participants had the opportunity to choose from presentations by North America’s leading experts discussing how Value Analysis will improve Services, Projects, Products and Organizations.


Why Attend ?

Learning about Value Analysis (VA) (also known as Value Engineering) is a must for project managers and project owners, whether in the public infrastructure world or in the product development context. What is value? How do you measure it? How can understanding the functions your project must provide, help your team identify new and innovative solutions? How do you use VA to make the best decisions under the circumstances?

What is in it for me?

The symposium features five excellent keynote speakers, and twenty expert presenters who will advance your knowledge and understanding about Value Analysis. This conference is a unique opportunity to learn about Value Analysis, and add this powerful technique to your set of Best Practices. The program will include presentations on both  basic and advanced Value Analysis techniques, and examples of inspiring applications of the value methodologies.

Who should attend?

Project owners, project managers, architects, engineers, technical designers, process designers and product developers all make decisions based on value judgements. Learning about how to lead a team in understanding value will benefit all those involved in decision making. This symposium is accredited for those who require continuing education training hours (such as for OIQ, PMI and OAQ).