Combining Methodologies

 The integration of VA and Lean Six Sigma offers the ability to take the  Lean improvement journey to the next level. Value Analysis and Lean Six Sigma are complimentary processes. Lean and VA both focus on what the customer values. Both rely on transforming operations into alternative forms of visual information to enable breakthrough solutions. Lean focuses solutions on the elimination of waste, whereas VA focuses solutions on the design and eliminating non value added features, processes and systems. 

The use of VA can greatly enhance the Lean Process. Through the use of function analysis, VA is particularly useful in the earlier stages of investigation/problem identification. Where there are numerous possible areas requiring attention, VA provides a systematic process to help prioritize and identify value targets and “quick wins”. The Value Analysis process will identify processes that cost more than they are worth such as out-dated practices or procedures. For required functions that cost more than they are worth, VA uses a structured brainstorming technique that promotes “breakthrough thinking" to determine alternative ways of performing them.
Together Lean, Six Sigma, and VA increase customer value by optimizing costs, quality and delivery.
Other processes that are complimentary to VA and or benefit from VA techniques are shown in the graphic below.
Venn Diagram