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Presentations By Title Presentations By Key Note Speakers

Presentations by Keynote Speakers

Title Author
Dreams Today, Technology Tomorrow Keppel N Bharath
Strategic Value Management Michel Thiry
Value Analysis in Canada Lucie Parrot
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Presentations By Title

Title Author
Applying VM/VA - Success Stories (Past, Present, & Future) Charles R McDuff and Ramesh Kalvakaalva
Bay of Quinte Skyway Tammy Dow
Construction Forensics: Failures, Risks & Liability Stuart Sokoloff
Doing more with Less in the Ontario Government with Value Analysis Steve Holmes
Fully Integrated VM for Greater Performance Gains Shamsi B. Shishevan and Martyn R. Phillips
Integrating Road Safety Analysis and Safety Analysis George Hunter and Geoff Millen
If The Shoe Fits – Adjusting A Value Engineering Event To The Problem Or Opportunity Joseph F. Otero
Is your Risk Register Simply a List of Issues? William Willson
New Challenges in the VE Field in Central Europe Istvan Tarjani
Strategic Value Management Michel Thiry
The Number is Evil - An Exploration of Project Cost Estimating Gregory Brink
The Use of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly with Value Engineering to Optimize Customer Value James Bolton
Training Carrier Ready Construction Graduates with Value Management Competencies Faisal Arain
VA & Risk Management of Major Projects Denis Dagenais
VA Success Supporting Decision – Making and Involving Stakeholder Input on the Regina Bypass Project Chris Gauer
W.A.V.E.S. for a Wider Application of_Value(s) across the Entreprise System CSVA 2013 Olaf de Hemmer
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