Transit Expansion and Value Engineering


Expansion of transit systems are on the drawing boards all over Canada.  Bus Rapid Transit to Light Rail, benefits of transit are expansive, including support of land use changes, health benefits, improved air quality, and mobility for an aging population.  Transit assets carry high price tags, with system construction often exceeding one billion dollars.  Value engineering ensures transit assets deliver value during both construction and operations.


Value engineering has been applied to transit projects delivered through P3, Design/Build and traditional Design/Bid/Build.  Combined with Risk Analysis, the process can assess the viability of a P3 approach.  Value engineering is comprehensive, examining guideway, structures, stations, vehicles, operations, and construction phasing.  Value engineering recommendations have decreased construction costs, increased ridership and fare revenues, and decreased operating costs.


In Toronto, the 2011 CSVA Conference will present tracks on transit infrastructure, risk analysis, and private-public partnerships.  You can learn from these sessions and case studies how value engineering will benefit your agency’s transit projects.


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