"Promoting the Application of Value Methodologies in Canada."

Value Analysis.

Value Analysis is a project management best practice decision making tool to find alternative solutions to problems and achieve best value for money in projects, processes, systems and products.

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What is VA Canada?

VA Canada (formerly CSVA) is a non profit society that is helping Canadians stay competitive by improving value in their projects, processes and products through the application of the value methodologies.

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Introduction to Value Management - Fostering Innovation
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VM gets mentioned in Enbridge's 2020 Innovation Report.
VM gets mentioned in Enbridge's 2020 Innovation Report. Please ...
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Date: Tuesday May 25, 2021 Time: 1600 (PST), 1700 (MST), 1900 (EST) Over the past two decades Calgary has experienced strong population growth. Every year the City undertakes numerous types of programs and projects to deliver quality services to the citizens of Calgary. The City of Calgary is a program and ...
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Webinaire Value Design Eco-Design & Eco-Valeur    organised by Value University (Université de la Valeur March 31, 2021 13h00 (7am au Quebec) Topic : [Re] Concevoir des Solutions Eco-Valeur Description: Comment [re]concevoir [re]design ensemble, des solutions cr?atrices d'?co-valeur (Green Value) ? Eco-Valeur = ↑ Satisfaction des besoins / ↓ Ressources consommées Découvrez ...
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