Value Analysis.

Value Analysis is a project management best practice decision making tool to find alternative solutions to problems and achieve best value for money in projects, processes, systems and products.

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What is VA Canada?

VA Canada is a non profit society that is helping Canadians stay competitive by improving value in their projects, processes and products through the application of the value methodologies.

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The Diversity Paradox and Design of Objects and Processes

November 22, 2022 16h00 (PST), 17h00 (MST), 19h00 (EST), 20h00 (AST) Registration: The structural process of making decisions has a high probability of conflict and hostility if the process does not work. Most ideas do not survive the decision process—sometimes none of them do. All participants have their ideas rejected or changed substantially. Whether this is a positive or negative experience depends on whether...

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Delivering Value Through Diversity

2022 Symposium (Virtual) October 4 -6, 2022 Join us virtually on Tuesday Oct 4, Wednesday Oct 5 and Thursday Oct 6 for 4.5 hours of value management success stories in utilizing the diversity in team members values and perspectives to achieve c...

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Value Voices

Value Analysis Canada invites you to join our webinar series "Value Voices" as we inspire Canadians and friends from around the world to benefit from the use of VM! ...

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Value – A Key Ingredient of Business Decisions

Abstract Decisions, decisions, decisions. Regardless of what industry or sector you are in, there are no shortage of decisions to be made. Big and small. It often feels like a balancing act with so many factors to consider. When evaluating alternatives, one of the key ingredients in the decision making process is value. This presentation shares some examples of how Enbridge has been applying elements of the Value Methodology to various types of business decisions. Presenter Michael Tozer,...

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