Module 1, AVS exam (optional)
Provider: Martin Parrot Inc.
Phone: 514-683-3437
Date: 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 March (40 hours), IN FRENCH
Cost: $1995 + taxes
Location: Montréal
Expected results of the Value methodologies:
·       Improve your project, service or product,…
·       Ensure your products, processes or systems perform better at a lesser cost
·       Make profits, with real savings
·       Train your personnel to be aware of value
Product designers, service designers, engineers, draftsmen, industrial designers and others as well as production employees, marketing,
sales and cost specialists will learn how to use the value methodology. 
Value Methodology Module 1 Certification Training Workshop
Provider: Martyn Phillips
Phone: 780 729 1623
Brochure: PDF
Date: June 8, 9, 12, 13, 14.
Cost: 1700 CAD + 5% GST
Location: Edmonton
  • To address aspects of VM job plan, function analysis, creativity, evaluation and implementation, together with “people” topics. 
  • The intent of the training workshop is to provide the foundation for managerial growth and development of individuals in the field of VM.
  • Focus on functional requirements of the item, project or system
  • Identify opportunities for improvement such as waste reduction, cost savings and improving efficiency
  • Use creative thinking to generate numerous & innovative solutions to problems
  • Use structured approach to identify options to improve decision-making.


Value Methodology Module II Certification Training Workshop
Provider: Martyn Phillips
Phone: 780 729 1623
Brochure: PDF
Date: June 20, 21, 22
Cost: 1425 CAD + 5% GST
Location: Edmonton

 Delegates attending Module II will build on the Module I training workshop and experience gained since then to be better able to:

  • •Support the business objectives of the organization
  • •Initiate, manage or support the in-house VM training program
  • •Organize and facilitate VM studies
  • •Identify competing concepts and compare the costs of alternatives to ensure the most economical project at the desired level of quality
  • •Keep accurate control of the progressive budgeting process based on the various stages of design
  • •Manage the interfaces between many value-adding project phases and management expectations
  • •Apply systematic and innovative methodology through a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve better value and cost optimization for projects
  • •Spread cost-consciousness and the value culture within the organization
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