2020 Value Symposium

Value Analysis Canada 2020 Virtual Symposium - Creative Solutions in Challenging Times
October 5-7, 2020.

2020 has been greatly affected by COVID19 in social, health, business related issues and how activities are conducted. While many things are changing drastically, the basic functions of satisfying the needs of users at the best possible price are still some of the primary goals of government and business.

The Value Methodology (Value Management, Value Engineering and Value Analysis) is a structured approach has been providing optimized solutions for over 70 years and is positioned very well to support the new means of achieving these goals.

The VAC Symposium presentations will cover some great examples of successful VM studies in a wide variety of applications including adapting to change in the new  VM  virtual environment. 

We hope that you can set aside these dates and plan to attend on-line. We have scheduled the Symposium to be held from noon to 5 p.m. for the 3 days (Eastern time zone) to accommodate all the North American time zones. The ½ day sessions will also provide the opportunity to be able to continue to work from your office for a portion of the day and avoid travel time and expenses. 

The Symposium will be comprised of  20 minute pre-recorded presentations followed by 10 minute Q&A. This format has proven very successful with other association’s recent conferences.

We encourage anyone interested in presenting at the Symposium to submit an abstract to the conference committee for review. 

Further details will be provided over the next few weeks.

Tom Fletcher P.Eng., CVS
President & 2020 Symposium Chair
Value Analysis Canada