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Value Analysis.

Value Analysis is a project management best practice decision making tool to find alternative solutions to problems and achieve best value for money in projects, processes, systems and products.

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What is VA Canada?

VA Canada (formerly CSVA) is a non profit society that is helping Canadians stay competitive by improving value in their projects, processes and products through the application of the value methodologies.

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Pathways to Value-Promoting Value Analysis in Western Canada - February
On February 9, 2017, Value Analysis Canada – ...
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February 2017 editorial
A short winter month, then we will see ...
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Pathways to Value-Promoting Value Analysis in Western Canada
  On January 12, 2017, Value Analysis Canada ...
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Looking for a deliberative method to help your teams balance project objectives with costs. Reaching for a technique that can help you bring stakeholders and subject matter experts together in reaching a common understanding of project needs? Value Analysis (Value Engineering, Value Management) is a proven project management best ...
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Thursday March 9th, 2017 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (MST)   Presenter: James Tan and Darsh Nawaratna   Construction Services, Infrastructure Delivery (previously Drainage Design & Construction), Integrated Infrastructure Services Department undertook a transformation initiative in 2013-2015 to reassess its business model and strategies and, to develop new strategic directions to ...
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